About Burrell Building Inspections

When choosing a Home Inspector you want to find one with the best qualifications and the most experience. Someone with a background in construction is good. Someone who has performed thousands of inspections is better. At Burrell Building Inspections you are dealing with someone who is a second generation General Contractor and has been doing Home Inspections for over 20 years. A lot has changed since the first job was to sweep out the sawdust for 10 cent an hour, but it has all led to the experience that is brought to your inspection. From architecture school, contracting, remodeling and inspections there is an insight that can only be attained through experience.


Burrell Building Inspections is certified by the largest Home Inspection Association in the world. To inspectors who qualify the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors grants the title of Certified Professional Inspector. 


At Burrell Building Inspection we want you to experience the difference.

For some fun, here's another experience. No the car wasn't thrown in as part of the deal.